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How to setup Notify for your Knowledge Base

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Anthony Wilcox

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Notify is a Knowledge base feature which you can setup to always show at the top of the Knowledge base page header and inform your users for updates, discounts, or any other product/service related information.

To setup notify, follow the steps below:


Notify page


Once you are in the Notify page, you will se a bunch of settings on the right side menu.

The Notify settings include:

  • Show Notify - whether to show or hide the Notify component in the Knowledge base.
  • Background Color - the background color of the Notify component.
  • Font Color - the font/text color of the Notify component.
  • Author Picture - the picture of the author that created the Notify component.
  • Text Content - the text content that appears in th Notify component.

You can edit all these settings on the right side menu of the Notify component page:

Edit notify settings


  • Once you are done editing, make sure to click on the 'Apply' button to save the changes for the live preview of the Knowledge base.
Apply notify settings

That's it!

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