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Getting started with Helpdesk widget components

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Willie Swenson

Contect Creator

In the Answerly dashboard you can manually configure and add components as you need in the Helpdesk widget.

There are multiple components that you can add:

  • Answer - add single answers that you've written in the Answer editor as a component in the Helpdesk widget start page.
  • Category - add categories as components that showcase multiple answers that belong to the same category.
  • Contact - add a contact form as a component to allow your users to message you directly from the Helpdesk widget.
  • Notify - stick a notify component at the top of your website to show important notifications to your website audience.
  • Banner - a component with a unique design that can be added as a component in the start page of the Helpdesk widget to hightlight product updates or any other relevant information you want to easily be accessible to your website audience.
  • Explore - explore component that opens up all the answers for your website audience to browse easily.
  • Vertical gap - add a vertical space between any component in the Helpdesk widget to create a better and a more clear outline of the components.

All these components can be found in the Helpdesk Start Page editor where configure and add content to the widget as you find fit. 

All the components are also draggable, so you can change their position easily even after you add them to the Start page.

They can also be removed or deleted.

To start adding components to your Helpdesk widget start page, you can follow the steps below.


start page editor


  • Click on 'Add Components'
Add components


  • In the popup modal you can add all the above mentioned components.
Add all components

That's it! For any questions feel free to reach out and let us know.

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