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Getting started with Knowledge base

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Anthony Wilcox

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The Knowledge base is a product that lets you create and manage answers or categories to help your customers find the help they are looking for more easily, in your Knowledge base you can showcase categories with the most frequently asked questions, getting started, troubleshooting etc.

In this article, you will learn about the key features of the Knowledge base and how you can start using them.

Features of the Knowledge base include:

  • Look and Feel
  • Navigation
  • Integrations
  • Social links
  • SEO 
  • Open graph
  • Notify
  • Other

Look and Feel

Look and Feel allows you to change a lot of settings in the Knowledge base and customize it the way you need it look, some personalization settings include:

  • Headline
  • Theme color
  • Header logo
  • Footer logo

You can find the Look and Feel settings in the Knowledge base page under 'Look and Feel'

Look and feel


In the Navigation links you can create links in the Knowledge base header/footer navigation bar which will redirect to the url's you add in the editor, some Navigation settings include:

  • Header links
  • Footer links

You can find the Navigation settings in the Knowledge base page under 'Navigation'



With Integrations feature you can integrate your Google analytics or Google tag manager accounts with Answerly, to track more data and stats for your Knowledge base, the Integrations feature includes:

  • Enabling Google Analytics
  • Enabling Google Tag Manager

You can find the Integration settings in the Knowledge base page under 'Integrations'


Social Links

With Social links you can make your social media accessible through your Knowledge base, some of the Social links settings include:

  • Facebook link
  • Instagram link
  • Twitter link
  • LinkedIn link
  • YouTube link
  • Reddit link
  • GitHub link

You can find the Social links settings in the Knowledge base page under 'Social links'

Social links


With the SEO settings you can make your Knowledge base optimized for SEO, some of these settings include:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords

You can find the SEO settings in the Knowledge base page under 'SEO'


Open Graph

With Open graph settings you can add more details to your knowledge base answers when you share them on social media, these settings include:

  • OG title
  • OG description
  • OG image

You can find the Open graph settings in the Knowledge base page under 'Open graph'

Open graph


Notify is an element in the knowledge base like a notification which stays on top and where you can showcase important updates or information about your product, the notify settings include:

  • Show/Hide notify
  • Font color
  • Author picture
  • Text content

You can find the Notify settings in the Knowledge base page under 'Notify'


That's it, these are the features that you can look and explore while creating your Knowledge base.

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