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Getting started with Actions

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Anthony Wilcox

Contect Creator

Actions are a very unique way to help your customers complete tasks in your dashboard or website that they would otherwise in some cases find complex or hard to do.

When you create actions in the Answerly Search widget editor, you immediately make them searchable in the Search widget that you embed, so when a customer searches for an answer, they can choose to read an answer or take an action.

Here is an example of a user that searched for 'How to change my password'

Change password

As you can see from the picture above both the answer and the action show in the search widget results, so the user can choose to either read or change the password immediately.

To create actions that will show in the search results for customers to search, follow the steps below.


Create actions page


  • Click on 'New Action' on the right settings menu.
Add action


In the modal you will need to populate fields for your action such as:

  • Title - a title for the action
  • Description - a short description for what the action does
  • Button text - a button text
  • Action click - where the action will take the user

           - Open URL - opens the URL you enter in the input field when the action is clicked.

           - Run JavaScript code - executes JavaScript code when the action is clicked.

  • Only show on zero search results - shows the action when no results are found

Actions are searchable by Title, Description and Button text, so mare sure to write some text that your users can easily find.

Once you are done populating the fields, click on 'Add'

Action modal


  • After you create the action, make sure to click on 'Apply' to see the changes in the live preview of the embedded search widget.
Apply action

That's it!

Your action will be searchable and visible to all the users searching in the widget.

If you want to edit, or delete an action, you can simply hover over the actions in the right settings menu and click on the icons as shown below:

Edit or delete action

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