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Getting started with the Search widget

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Fatos Bediu

Founder, Answerly

The Answerly Search widget is a very powerful tool that you can embed with code on any of your dashboard pages or website.

When embedded it works in a very simple way, you open up a page and just search for an answer.

The widget will give you very fast results by showing you a list of answers and actions which you can take to complete a task.

Here is a preview of how the search widget looks:

Search widget preview

To get started with this widget, follow the steps below.


  • Go to the Search widget page from the left menu.
  • You will see a preview of the Search widget and settings such as Look and Feel, Actions, Installation Code and Other, we will go through them one by one.
Search page


In the 'Look and Feel' settings you have a lot of options to customize the Search widget such as:
  • Pick a search icon
  • Theme Color
  • Text Color
  • Placeholder Text 
  • Outline Style
  • Corner Style
  • Input Height

These settings can be found and edited on the right side settings as shown below:

Search settings


Next, you are able to create actions for your answers, so for example if your customers don't find an answer they are looking for they can click on the action to directly message you.

To create actions, you can:

  • Go to the 'Create Actions' page.
  • Click on 'New Action'
Create actions


To install the Search widget on your page, you will need to copy the code from the dashboard.
  • Go to the 'Installation Code' page.
  • Copy the code on the right 
Copy code

After you have the code, you can paste it anywhere in your dashboard or website to show the widget.


Last but no least, we have the Other settings.

In these settings you can:

  • Show/Hide the Answerly branding that shows on the widget search results.
  • Enable Answerly tracking, to see data about how your users are using the Search widget and what they are searching for.

You can find these settings under the 'Other' page as shown below:

Other settings

That's it! We hope this article will help you get started with the Search widget fast, and if you have questions reach out to us through our Helpdesk widget.

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