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How to change the Search widget shadow styles

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Liza M. Hall

Contect Creator

In the Answerly Search widget editor, you can edit the shadow or border of the Search widget input.

If the shadow or any other border style is not fit with your dashboard/website design you can easily remove it.

There are 3 available styles:

  • Shadow
  • Border
  • No outline

To edit the border styles follow the steps below:


  • Open the Search widget page.
  • Go to 'Look and Feel'
  • On the settings on the right, scroll down to 'Outline style'
Search outlines


The Shadow outline is the default outline style, to change this click on the input and choose one of the other styles.

This is a preview of the 'Border' style, which is only a gray 1px border.

Border outline

And, this is a preview of the 'No outline' option with no style at all.

No outline

That's it! 

These are all the available Outline styles, once you make a change and choose one of the options, please make sure to click the 'Apply' button to see the changes in the live preview of the embedded widget.

Apply outline

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